Postscript (PS) and Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) on Linux

Postscript is a very very useful medium to manipulate in many cases when producing documents such as articles, posters, books etc. This page aimes at some aspects of these manipulative actions which comes in handy in various cases. Also issues on encapsulated postscript (EPS) graphics is discussed.

EPS and Openoffice

Some time ago on Fedora Core 5 which is what I currently use on my work-station, I suddenly started having issues with importing eps-figures into openoffice. The images would be placed in the upper right corner having about 3/4 of the total space of the image as shown in openoffice. Furthermore the text would be strangely distorted using a weird font. I had spent lots of time trying to find out what caused this behaviour but with no success.

Then today on Fedora 8 on my T61 laptop I suddenly find that this behaviour has also started to show itself here. So I start to investigate the different packaged that has been recently installed. After uninstalling various packages and retesting, I finally find that removing the pstoedit and the libemf packages does the trick. I'm not sure whether it's only limited to one of these packages.

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