Thunderbird e-mail client

Used netscape mail since mid-nineties, so it kind of sticks... I've also used mutt which for lots of stuff works excellent, but when you want to have calendars and other stuff integrated then it starts to be more problematic. It is after all easier to accept a meeting directly from where you received it rather than typing it all in yourself.

Integrating with google calendar

This requires three things:

  1. Google account and google calendar
  2. Thunderbird >= 2.0
  3. Lightning (I'm using version 0.7 for linux). Install by going to menu Tools->Add-ons and press install after downloading the .xpi-file. Then restart thunderbird.
  4. Provider for Google Calendar

After installing go to your google calendar -> Settings -> Calendars -> Choose your calendar -> Calendar Details -> Then copy the link from any of the xml-links in the bottom.

Now add new calendar from the network from within thunderbird in calendar mode. Follow the instructions.

Fedora 9, thunderbird, and lightning 0.8 weird layout

After installing Fedora 9 I had really strange issues with Thunderbird and lightning. The was *very* strange indeed. The fix was to install compat-libstdc++-33:

yum install compat-libstdc++-33

and then re-install the lightning and google provider package (I actually wiped the .thunderbird directory and *then* reinstalled - just to be sure.. ahem...)

Show number of mails in folders

For some reason, I always spend at least 20 minutes trying to locate this option and I like it quite a lot. See the image here as to what it does.

Thunderbird Lightning/Sunbird and Exchange calendar

Seems currently (31.10.2007) not to be possible. I guess Evolution would be a better alternative in this respect.

Opening links with external browser

Opening links in say firefox when clicking on a link in thunderbird is not on by default. This can be fixed quite easily though. See:

Other cool plugins/extensions for firefox

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