LaTeX is a wonderful piece of software to write reports, articles, books, letters and other things. I use it primarily to write reports and articles, which I really, really appreciate a lot.

Tips and tricks

I use LaTeX in both Linux (TeTeX) and in Windows (MikTeX) with gvim as the text-editor.

UTF-8 on fedora or any other UTF-8 character based distribution

On fedora using utf-8 it can be nice to directly use letters such as æ, ø, and å. Enable this by using:



Sometimes it can be nice to recursively clean all those automatically generated files. I have this little script I use.


echo 'Cleaning up LaTeX files'
rm -vrf \
*.aux \
*.log \
*.dvi \
*.bbl \
*.bm \
*.toc \
*.out \
*.blg \
*.snm \
*.nav \
*.bak \
*.lot \
echo 'Cleaning up - done!'

Good links

  1. - excellent starting point with lots and lots of ressources.
  2. - plugin for vim/gvim text-editor. Excellent tool for those who use gvim to write LaTeX.

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