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Setting up a .dk-domain

This part describes how to register a .dk-domain, getting a small cheap reliable web-hotel, and get one or more reliable pop/imap e-amil-accounts accessible from anywhere. The general purpose is to get a no-fuss, reliable and easy-to-maintain domain.

Why? Well, often it is problematic to have your own mini-server running all the time. You often don't spent time on backing up data, do redundancy, have fall-back MX-servers etc. So, why don't let someone else take care of that for you and concentrate on doing what you really want to do!?

Register the dk-domain

I use http://gratisdns.dk/. It's excellent, free, and run by really competent people. The latter is really a big plus! Creation + 1 year: 80,- kroner. Annual cost: 45,- kroner/year to dk-hostmaster.dk.

Host the domain

Use http://netplads.dk/: 108,- kroner/year. Reliable and honest service compared to other companies, which is really worth paying for.


Use http://mxhotel.dk/: 116,80 kroner/year for 1 domain, 10 e-mail accounts and 100 MB annual diskusage. This opens up for several possibilities. Either you could just use this as a regular mail-hotel (pop3/imap) and having several accounts or you can forward the e-mail to several gmail-accounts.

Google has recently (October 24, 2007) opened for the use of imap which offers much better functionality compared to pop3. There is support for encrypted IMAP (STARTTSL) - giving you encrypted e-mail and accessibility from all sorts of locations. Hooray! :-)

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