So, you’ve already got domain (primary) and you have acquired (secondary) and wish to redirect the latter to Oh! And is of course on a secure https with automatic redirect from unencrypted http:// connection.

Here’s the steps to perform assuming you already have control of both domains.

  1. Choose “Aliases” from CPANEL Domains.
  2. Create new alias using the secondary domain – in this case
  3. Add redirect by going back to “Aliases” and choose “Manage redirection” for the domain, which is now in the list. Type in and press save.
  4. Go to CPANEL –> Domains –> Redirects and make sure you have the correct redirect.
  5. Finally fix the certificates. The certificate does not contain the and you have regenerate a new certificate including the new domain. Do this by going to CPANEL –> Security and choose “SSL/TLS Status”.
  6. Here you’ll see your domain and that it is not included. Correct this by pressing the “Run AutoSSL” button. It may take some time – minutes – before it’s done. You’ll see an “AutoSSL is in progress …” where you pressed the button.
How to add additional domain to existing domain with CPANEL

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