About tantal.dk - and the owner

The site tantal.dk was registered December 22, 2000 to Martin Bøjer who owns and administers this site. The site is rendered with php and designed for optimal reuse of code (having only one php-file), no database, and with extensive usage of css. The site should be xhtml 1.0 transitional compliant. After the initial hurdle of making the site, it requires a minimum of effort to add new pages, though it does require ftp-udates (using sitecopy or likewise) or direct modification at the commandline. It's a question of temper. I might make it opensource one day. :-)

Why tantal.dk? Well, tantal has atomic number 73 and I'm born in '73 and being chemical engineer definitely certainly has some ramifications. ;-)

About the owner

I'm a chemical engineer (M.Sc.) and I currently work as a research scientist at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) at the Department of Chemical Engineering in the CHEC Research Centre.

I'm happily married to Dorte and we have two wonderful children, William and Cornelia. We live in Ordrup - north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contact information

I can be contacted at the e-mail address: martinbojer@gmail.com.

More about this site

The site is graciously hosted by one of my former employers, catpipe ApS and is running the apache webserver on FreeBSD - an excellent operating system.

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