Sky as seen from the northern part of copenhagen The site tantal.dk has it's name efter the element, tantalum, which has number 73 in the periodic table of elements.

Read about my waste to energy (WTE) research, software recommandations for windows, the bash shell, and other linux/unix commands.


2008.09.15:Many new addtions here and there. Latest is working with a Nokia 6220 classic with Putty ssh and an iGo Stoway ultra slim keyboard to update the site. That's really sweet!

2007.10.01: Ah - finally got the site up and running again after deleting the main script - DANG!

2006.05.31: New page added! Read about my research in waste-to-energy plants and experiments.

2006.05.29: Pages on the bash shell and the find command is now available.

2006.05.24: Full transition to dynamically made content using homemade php setup.

2006.05.23: Started implementing the css-based layout, though content is still missing.

2006.05.19: Now using sitecopy to keep the site synchronised. Excellent command-line tool.

2006.05.19: The site has been launched for real though it has been in use for several years as a site for testing various stuff.

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